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Dress Up Orochimaru

2015 წლის 27 თებერვალი

By me


2 კომენტარი ჩანაწერზე „Dress Up Orochimaru“

    • FreeBSD VPS ამბობს:

      nice work. hay you wouldn t be able to do me a favor would you? see i have been wanting to do this for a long time but i don t have the right program. i was just wondering if you would help me make one. if i would drea the bits if you would make it a dress up game?

      • Izumi Takanashi ამბობს:

        Sorry for replying a little bit late, IDK why but your comment was not visible for me until now. Try downloading Stencyl my dear, then watch video tutorials, if you will not get how it works, tell me and I’ll make it for you. :) And if you’ll make a game by yourself, please post link here. ^_^

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